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Originally established in 1992 as onsite development team, digitalE is a customer-oriented IT integration and support company.
We offer a full range of IT development, implementation and maintenance services; including secure and proficient network design, successful systems integration, effective project management and installation of technologies, right through to pro-active and reactive desktop support.

Why choose digitalE?

We assist your choices with an objective and independent viewpoint
There are times in the development and maintenance of a business when it is valuable to have an expert to work with you, to help solve business challenges and refocus the business to the next level. We offer a fresh eye and an objective viewpoint that can assist you to make choices that are right for your business, helping you to be sure that you are making the right choices.

We are people-focused and business savvy

Very simply, we understand that each business is unique, and so we focus on communicating and building close relationships with our clients. We leave IT jargon to other companies, and offer a more people-oriented, business-savvy approach, which takes the time to listen and understand what your business requires.

We aim to add real value to your business

We believe that the main purpose of IT is to add value to your business to be a measured investment that produces a favourable outcome in terms of real significance and worth to your business. We are fully focused on the application of suitable technologies that will facilitate the development of your business; to become more dynamic, efficient and profitable. We aim to provide solutions that support and protect your organisation, adding value to your business and facilitating growth as your business continues to evolve.

We are a skilled, experienced team that´s easy to deal with

Every member of our team is professional, knowledgeable and approachable. We have a wide range of specialist technical skills and experience from project management to security, business consultancy to communications. But we are also easy to deal with and won´t blind you with science (unless you want us to). We´ll speak your language, at whatever level that needs to be.

We work with honesty and integrity

We understand that integrity and reliability are crucial when working in your business. Your chosen IT professionals are working every day with the security and protection of your business, and you need honest individuals with a proven track record. Our clients´ testimonials speak volumes about our clients´ faith in us. We value your trust in us.

our team

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    I am the face of digitalE and have the responsible for all IT issue, with over 20 years of...

  • Talita Froyland

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  • Roger Parenzee

    Well rounded executive-level Project Manager who is outcome-oriented and business benefit focused with over twenty years’ experience. Vast...